Ride Levels & Groups

During our peak season, cyclists have 3-4 daily rides to choose from, scaled for pace, distance, and level of climbing.

Challenging… not overwhelming

Selecting a ride most suited to your abilities will make for a more satisfying cycling holiday. We do our best to make your rides both fun and challenging…but not overwhelming. Every ride has one or two professional guides to lead and look after the needs of the group. You will always be in good hands.

Custom level of riding

When you sign up for a package, we will send you a questionnaire to help us recommend the best level of riding for you.

Our bike managers are available to discuss ride levels with you and help you determine if a particular ride is appropriate and safe for your level of fitness, and we may ask you to ride with a particular group based on our vast experience working with cyclists on our roads.

Group cycling

Our rides focus on group cycling, and our goal is to keep each group together from start to finish and in the safest manner.

If group riding is not something you are accustomed to, or for a more leisurely oriented bike holiday that does not require you to stay at the group’s pace and which includes daily sightseeing and food tasting destinations by bike, you may be interested in our private guide ride options. Private package (click here)


Our Classic ride is for experienced cyclists who ride at a moderate pace

Our Classic ride is for experienced cyclists who ride at a moderate pace, are comfortable in diverse terrain, including hill climbs, riding in a group and who ride confidently in traffic (though we seek out quiet roads we do sometimes encounter some busier city and village streets).

Our Classic ride is 40-60 km (30-40 miles) with undulating/rolling terrain and hills that might extend for 3-4 km (1.5-2.5 miles). Cyclists should expect to be on the bike between 3 and 5 hours, including stops. The average speed on the flats is between 15 and 20km/h.

Cycling clothing and helmets are required for this rides and cycling shoes are strongly suggested.

Cyclist type:                           
relaxed but able cyclist

Typical ride:                           
40-60 km (12-25 mi) ride with short climbs
15-20 km/h (9-12 mi/h) av speed on flat

Stops on the ride:                   

Duration of the ride:
between 3 and 4 hours

Suggested bikes:                  
Pinarello Grevil, Pinarello Nytro, Standard e-bike


This is our most requested ride level.

The Enthusiasts ride the same roads with a few additions as the classic ride, and see the same beautiful scenery, but will get a few more opportunities to test out their cycling abilities on some longer and/or steeper climbs, ride at a faster pace, and take on a few longer loops for more Km/miles.

The rides will be longer with some climbs, and the average speed on the flats is between 24 and 28km/h.

Cyclist type:                           
trained and prepared cyclist

Typical ride:                           
70-90 km (43-55 mi) ride with climbs
20-25 km/h (12-15 mi/h) av speed on flats

Stops on the ride:                   

Duration of the ride:
between 4 and 5 hours

Suggested bikes:                  
Pinarello Dogma F, Pinarello Grevil


The Epic ride is available for the most serious athletes

The “EPIC” ride is designed for the most serious athletes, who will tackle the longest, toughest routes, with distances ranging from 90-130 km, with some hills with more than 2000m of elevation and typically at an average pace of around 28-33km/h on the flats, depending upon terrain.

Cyclist type:                           
strong / avid / racer

Typical ride:                           
90-120 km (55-75 mi) ride with long climbs
25-35 km/h (15-21 mi/h) av speed on flats

Stops on the ride:                   

Duration of the ride:
between 4 and 6 hours

Suggested bikes:                  
Pinarello Dogma F, Pinarello Grevil


How experienced do I need to be, can I ride with you if I’m a novice cyclist?

We are a bike hotel, catering to avid cyclists and cycling athletes, specializing in guided group tours with professional guides. Preparation level is important, and we have set practical and physical training parameters for cyclists to join our excursions, whether in a group ride, or a private ride with an exclusive guide. These parameters are very important for the safety of all of our clients.

Our requirements include that all cyclists:

  • must be over 18 years old: Participation by older minors will be evaluated on a case by case basis by our bike manager
  • must be knowledgeable of and have experience on a road bike. Guests with bike rentals are responsible for proper use of the bike and are liable for damages in case of falls/crashes
  • must wear appropriate cycling dress (bibs, bike jersey, helmet and sunglasses) and cycling shoes (preferably) or training shoes.

The terrain around Lake Garda is characterized by curvy roads with climbs, some short and easy, but others long and hard. There are not many flat roads.

Therefore, all cyclists:

  • must be able to ride at least 40-50k.
  • must be able to manage climbs of at least 2 km in length and 5-6% average grade.

The areas in and around Lake Garda and Verona (especially between June and September) will have traffic. Our guides avoid the busier roads as much as possible, but on occasion, busier roads are the only option for a portion of the ride.

Therefore, all cyclists:

  • must be able to ride in traffic, adjacent to cars or other vehicles
  • must be comfortable riding through roundabouts, stopping at every stop sign and crossing intersections in traffic.

Cyclists meeting these minimum requisites are welcome join our group tours (in the CLASSIC group) or with a private guide ( Private Package ). If you don’t meet these requirements, but still want to ride, we recommend renting our city bikes to ride around Peschiera’s center. Or you can rent a hybrid, mountain or an electric bike, at a local partner shop and ride alone on our cycling paths or along the beaches on the lake. These are relaxing paths, that will take you for shorter, easier rides that can be done without a guide

Do you have 3 levels of tour every day?

During our peak cycling season (May, June, July, September) when we have many cycling guests, we offer 3 levels of rides. During quieter periods, we may offer 1 or 2 ride options, but will do our best to ensure that each cycling guest rides in an appropriate paced group. On any given day you may join a slower paced group, if you choose.

How many riders are in a group?

Groups are formed dependent upon the number of cycling guests and their fitness level, but usually not more than 10 per group.

How many guides are assigned to a group?

It depends upon the route and the riding level of the guests. Sometimes there are 2 guides even for a small group.

During the rides, does a support van follow us?

A van will follow on the more difficult rides, more than 100 km and with significant climbing (ex. Monte Baldo, Tremosine). Private tours can request a support van as part of their customized package.

What is your weekly program like? What are the organized rides like?

Each day a different ride is planned. Some routes will take you over rolling hills, others will have you climbing a bit, and some days you will conquer the mountains in our area. One day we might take a ferry across the lake, another day you will ride through Verona, and another day you may stop at a wine cellar for a tour and tasting. Each day you ride will offer you different terrain, different sights, and a different experience. While we have a general plan for each day, we publish the actual route the night before, in order to give consideration to the weather, special events in the area, and to the needs of our cyclists.

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