We are an official PINARELLO Bike rental center

We have been working directly with the Pinarello family in nearby Treviso since 2015, to offer our guests the best bikes on the market.

We buy new bikes every year, ensuring you get the latest Pinarello models to try. We have more than 50 bikes, including the first road-eBike Pinarello Nytro and the gravel Pinarello Grevil.

We are proud to also rent the Pinarello Dogma F Disk with Shimano Di2 Dura Ace electronic, a top-level bike, the same used by the pro team Ineos / Granadier.


Top of the line road bike, with a frame designed for endurance.

  • Sizes available: from 43cm to 60cm
  • Group set: Shimano DURA-ACE R9270 Di2 – 12 speed electronic, hydraulic disc brakes – Chainrings DURA ACE 34/50, Cassette 11/34
  • Saddle: MOST
  • Handlebar & Stem: Most Jaguar XC
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Speed LITE 40 db
  • Tires: PIRELLI P7 size 32 mm
  • Mount Device: Most iTALON Cockpit (for Garmin VIRB, GoPro, Wahoo, etc…)

Who should rent this bike

The new Pinarello Dogma X is a top of the line Pinarello
road bike, with a frame designed for endurance and
therefore more comfortable than the Dogma F, but still
designed to be a high performing bike.

This bike has a market value of 15.000€ and is great
for riders who plan to do our longest rides.

Insurance for accidental damage to the bike included
in price, subject to a € 999 deductible.


The best of the best; a top-level bike, the same used by the pro team Ineos / Granadier.

  • Sizes available: from 43cm to 60cm
  • Group set: New Shimano DURA ACE 12 speed Di2 34 – 50 // 11 – 34
  • Saddle: Most by Selle Italia
  • Handlebar & stem: Most Jaguar XC
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Speed LITE 40 db
  • Tires: PIRELLI P7 size 30 mm 
  • Mount Device: Most iTALON Cockpit (for Garmin VIRB, GoPro, wahoo, etc…)

Who should rent this bike

The Pinarello Dogma F is the top level of the Pinarello brand. This bike has a market value of 14.000€

The DOGMA is a high-performance race bike with aggressive geometry. This bike is recommended for high level athletes who regularly ride high performance race bikes and are accustomed to the leaned over and low position, as well as the snappy handling, of this race bike.


Our all-purpose bike that will provide you with comfort and performance on any of our daily rides. 

  • Sizes available: from 44cm to 60cm
  • Group set: Campagnolo EKAR 1×13 speeds 40 // 9 – 42 
  • Saddle: MOST Selle Italia Bobcat
  • Handlebar & Stem: Most Jaguar XC
  • Wheels: Fulcrum 500DB C17 disk
  • Tires: Vittoria Terreno 700×35
  • Garmin Mount: Most iTALON Cockpit for Garmin VIRB, GoPro, Shimano o TomTom Bandit

Who should rent this bike

The Grevil is our all-purpose bike that is perfect for most cyclists, and what most of our guests use. The bike has a market price of 6.000€

It has relaxed geometry making it a comfortable bike, wider tires and longer wheel base, perfect to handle the cobblestone and rough pavement that we often encounter and lower gearing to tackle our bigger hills.

It’s a versatile bike designed for multiple terrains, from road rides to the white (gravel) roads in our area.

For most people, the Grevil is the perfect bike for our rides.


A Pinarello e-bike. For all the guests that need a little “help”

  • Size available: from 44cm to 60cm
  • Group set: Shimano GRX Di2 1/11 speed – Chainrings 42, Cassette 11-42
  • Engine: TQ MOTOR-HPR50 Drive Unit
  • Battery: 360 Watt Integrated Battery
  • Saddle: MOST Selle Italia Bobcat
  • Handlebar & Stem: MOST Jaguar XC
  • Wheels: Fulcrum 500DB C17disk
  • Tires: Maxxis Rambler 40mm

Who should rent this bike

The Nytro Gravel is great for experienced riders who just need a little assistance going up some of our hills. The bike has a market price 8.000€.

The Nytro is a proper pedal assisted bike (not a scooter).
There are 4 levels of motor usage.

The battery life depends on how the motor is used. (from 40km to more than 80km depending on elevetion).


What do I need to bring to ride?

You should pack your cycling shoes, pedals, helmet. In case your luggage is lost or delayed, we can provide you with these items temporarily. Our rental bikes come with saddles, but you are welcome to bring your own if you choose.

Do you rent cycling computer?

We don’t rent cycling computers. Each guest should bring their own device (wahoo, garmin, polar etc…) The bikes come with universal mounts.

Do you rent cycling shoes & helmets?

For hygenic reasons, we don’t rent helmets & shoes; just in case of emergency we have some “used” shoes & helmets, but in limited selection and size.

Do you rent bike lights?

Sorry but we don’t rent bike lights. Remember in Italy is compulsary to have it, so please bring your own.

Is it possible to buy technical clothing from you?

Yes, we have everything you need! Our kit is made by the premium italian brand Alè, and offers the finest technical material and fit, for both men and women.

Can I take the rental bike out for a ride, on my own?

No, sorry. For insurance reason, you cannot take your rental bike for a ride, alone, without our guides.

How does it work the Pinarello Nytro?

The Nytro is a pedal assisted road bike (not a scooter). The maximum speed that you can go with the help of the motor is 25km/hour., and if you exceed that speed, the motor will shut off and you have to pedal. There are 4 levels of  motor usage, indicated by color; white/green indicate limited motor use, pink/blue indicate higher motor use. The battery life depends on how the motor is used. Using the white/green levels on the bike doesn’t have a definite end range, but it is possible to exceed 80km. Using the motor more often at the highest pink/blue levels may lower the maximum range to less than 50 km. Obviously it depends not only on the lenght but also on the elevation of the ride.

What happens if the bike is damaged while it is assigned to me?

Once you receive your rental bike, it becomes your responsibility. You are renting top-of-the-line bikes (2022 Pinarello F, Pinarello Grevil, Pinarello Nytro), many with Di2 electronic shifting valued between 7.000 and 14.000 €, and you agree you are receiving it in like new condition, in working order with no scratches or dents.

You will be liable for any damage caused, even unintentionally. However, Garda Bike Hotel provides ‘Complete Peace of Mind’ bike insurance coverage. We have put this coverage in place so that you can relax and enjoy your time riding with us. This insurance, already included in the price of the bike rental, will cover you for accidental damage only. You will just be responsible for a € 500,00 deductible for Pinarello Grevil & Pinarello Nytro and € 999,00 for Pinarello F. Damage estimates will be provided by the original supplier (either the bike shop or the Pinarello factory).

Can I bring my own bike?

You are more than welcome to bring your own bike. You are responsible for assembling your bike upon arrival and disassembling it upon departure as well as all shipping arrangements needed to get your bike to and from the trip. You will store your bike in our lock biked room, which also has video surveillance security. 

Important information if you are bringing your own bike: 

  • We strongly recommend that you do not bring a bike with carbon wheels. We have long descents and constant braking has been known to heat the rims and cause blow-outs. Our roads are not closed to traffic, and even the most experienced cyclists need to maintain control on the descents, brake frequently and avoid traffic. From experience, we know that carbon rims are not the right equipment for our routes.
  • We strongly encourage you to come with a 12/32 cassette.  We do a lot of climbing with some steeper grades and have found that guests will enjoy the rides better with a larger cassette.
  • Install new tubes and tires on your bike before you arrive. Because we ride as a group, we all have to stop when someone has a mechanical incident, so we encourage everyone to bring their bike in the best condition possible to avoid these types of delays that affect the entire group.
  • Similarly, we strongly recommend that your personal bike be thoroughly checked out and tuned up by a mechanic before you arrive. We maintain our rental bikes on a regular basis from a professional mechanic and we ask that you do the same with the bike you bring to ride. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment of their holiday, we try to keep mechanical incidents to a minimum, done best with preventative maintenance.
Can I rent a bike from a local bike shop?

For insurance reasons you can participate in our guided tours only with our Pinarello bikes, or with your own bike.

If I like the bike I rent, can I buy it?

Of course! Some bike models are for sale immediately and others at the end of the season. Talk with Nicola about the details.

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