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Different rides every day, designed by our expert local guides.


This is a pleasant undulating ride of 30km (18mi) along the Mincio River cycle path to Borghetto sul Mincio. It has been named one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”. And it appears like out of a fairy tale. Crossing the Visconteo bridge, we discover the tiny village on the Mincio River, with a few houses and only 160 inhabitants. It is a perfect place to photograph an Italy of yesteryear, with its stone houses, ancient water mills, views of the melancholy ruins of the medieval bridge and the Castle that appears high among the trees on the hill.


This is a pleasant undulating ride of 70km (43mi) with a nice climb of 6km (4 mi). Our first destination after leaving Peschiera is Lazise, surrounded by the walls built by the Scaligeri in the XIV century; the castle and the ancient Venetian Customs House are the focus of the historical monuments there. Leaving Lazise, we will pass by Bardolino, Garda and Torri del Beneco where the climb begins that will take us to admire the beautiful view of the lake from Albisano and then return on an inland route.


This is one of our most difficult ride; 130km lenght (80 mi) with 2300m of ascent (7500 ft). Monte Baldo is a 2218-meter-high mountain located in the provinces of Trento and Verona. The name derives from the German Wald (“forest”). You reach the village of Avio by van at the foot of Monte Baldo. The first part of the climb is 21 km long to the Graziani refuge, where the first 15 km to San Valentino are the most challenging. From the Graziani refuge a short descent takes us to Bocca di Navene where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake. The last part, mostly flat, has only the last steep km to get to the Cavallo di Novezza where the long descent begins that will take us to Caprino Veronese which is 23 easy km from Peschiera.

Wide range of routes

We have a wide range of routes from rolling to hills to mountains, from 40 to 150 km in length, to suit any type of cyclist, from those eager to spend the day on the bike exploring the big climbs, to those who want a scenic and leisurely passeggiata through our beautiful countryside.

Pre-planned tours

All our tours are pre-planned and meant to be ridden with our guides.  Our guides take secondary and lesser-known streets to avoid traffic and busy centers, whenever possible. Our smaller roads often don’t have signs, so the best way to ride is with an expert guide who knows the way… and in fact knows several ways!

Spectacular big climbs

On our spectacular big climbs you will often find professional cyclists and lots of avid athletes testing their fitness level.

Some of these climbs have been included in the “Giro d’Italia” and in other prestigious races and events.


How experienced do I need to be, can I ride with you if I’m a novice cyclist?

We are a bike hotel, catering to avid cyclists and cycling athletes, specializing in guided group tours with professional guides. Preparation level is important, and we have set practical and physical training parameters for cyclists to join our excursions, whether in a group ride, or a private ride with an exclusive guide. These parameters are very important for the safety of all of our clients.

Our requirements include that all cyclists:

  • must be over 18 years old: Participation by older minors will be evaluated on a case by case basis by our bike manager
  • must be knowledgeable of and have experience on a road bike. Guests with bike rentals are responsible for proper use of the bike and are liable for damages in case of falls/crashes
  • must wear appropriate cycling dress (bibs, bike jersey, helmet and sunglasses) and cycling shoes (preferably) or training shoes.

The terrain around Lake Garda is characterized by curvy roads with climbs, some short and easy, but others long and hard. There are not many flat roads.

Therefore, all cyclists:

  • must be able to ride at least 40-50k.
  • must be able to manage climbs of at least 2 km in length and 5-6% average grade.

The areas in and around Lake Garda and Verona (especially between June and September) will have traffic. Our guides avoid the busier roads as much as possible, but on occasion, busier roads are the only option for a portion of the ride.

Therefore, all cyclists:

  • must be able to ride in traffic, adjacent to cars or other vehicles
  • must be comfortable riding through roundabouts, stopping at every stop sign and crossing intersections in traffic.

Cyclists meeting these minimum requisites are welcome join our group tours (in the CLASSIC group) or with a private guide ( Private Package ). If you don’t meet these requirements, but still want to ride, we recommend renting our city bikes to ride around Peschiera’s center. Or you can rent a hybrid, mountain or an electric bike, at a local partner shop and ride alone on our cycling paths or along the beaches on the lake. These are relaxing paths, that will take you for shorter, easier rides that can be done without a guide

Are there any traffic rules that a cyclist should know when riding on Italian roads?

Depending upon where you are used to riding we may have some different traffic rules, and perhaps a different riding style as well. For instance, many of our roads make use of roundabouts to keep traffic flowing, and cyclists must remain in the flow of traffic with cars in a roundabout.

We also ride on some narrow roads, so it is important to keep to the right, and be aware. Our guides know the proper and safe way to ride on our roads, so you should follow their lead. Before the ride, they will review hand signals and any things about the route that you should know. In Italy, cyclists are common on the roads, and cars are used to sharing the road with cyclists, but also expect cyclists to ride responsibly and with the flow of traffic. Always pay attention, follow your guide’s lead, and use caution as you would on any public road.

From 2021, the front and back lights on the bike have become mandatory.

Can I ride SOLO without a guide?

Yes, we do offer a package for riders who want to ride without a guide.

However, consider that one of the things that makes Garda Bike hotel one of the best bike hotels in Italy is our guided tours. People from all over the world enjoy the experience and time with our guides. We highly recommend our special guided tours to all cycling guests because we think that if you ride unguided you may miss 80% of the beauty that the area around Lake Garda has to offer.

If you are not familiar with our cycling area you may unknowingly encounter:

  • very busy roads;
  • potentially dangerous main roads;
  • secondary roads in a poor state of repair;
  • very steep, challenging climbs;
  • some very dangerous descents;
  • find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere;

If you cannot ride the bike back to the hotel, and don’t have other means of transportation, you will have to call a taxi.

Do we have to provide a medical certificate for the tours?

No. A medical certificate is only required for people participating in a Granfondo.

During the rides, does a support van follow us?

A van will follow on the more difficult rides, more than 100 km and with significant climbing (ex. Monte Baldo, Tremosine). Private tours can request a support van as part of their customized package.

Is lunch included during the ride?

Usually not. On occasion we might do a special ride to a wine cellar or an alpine hut where we can have lunch, and you’ll know this in advance. However, we always provide sandwiches/bananas to take with you, and you’ll have one or two stops on the ride to buy food and beverages.

Can I join your group rides any day of the week, or do I need to start riding with you on a specific day?

You can join the group rides any day of the week.

What happens if it rains? Do I lose a day of riding?

The Bike Manager or the guides may decide to cancel or change a ride because of poor riding conditions caused by the weather. They will base their decision on safety concerns. If there is “light” rain, we may decide to ride, but will change the route to ride along our cycle path to either Borghetto (50km) or to Mantova (90km).

These are flatter rides, with low traffic and no real climbs or descents. Sometimes we postpone the ride until later in the day, if it appears that there will be improvement in the weather conditions. If this occurs, we will alter the scheduled route, and modify the length of the ride along with the amount of climbing that was planned. If the weather is bad and the forecast does not call for improvement later in the day, the guides or the bike manager will cancel the ride. 

As an alternate activity, we can provide a transfer service with our van, to a destination selected by the bike manager, after consulting with the majority of cyclists. Departure and return times will be determined in advance and will be fixed. Public transportation is available for anyone that wants to depart late or leave early.

In the event that we have to cancel a ride, no refunds will be provided for the tour.  However, we will provide a credit for the bike rental for the day of the cancelled ride.

Is there a lot of traffic in your area?

We have carefully planned our routes, which are meant to be ridden with a local guide. Our guides will take you on secondary and lesser known, lightly traveled roads to avoid traffic and busy areas. However, traffic may be encountered on our roads leading in and out of the hotel, on the way to our route. As you would at home, pay attention, use caution and follow all safety rules when riding on roads with traffic.

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